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Kelvin Bulluck: Face Naked

Friday, November, 7-10 pm

Gallery CA
440 East Oliver Street, Baltimore: 21202

Face Naked is a visual exploration of the female-identifying face, free of any makeup or enhancements. The series was inspired by an open letter, penned by Alicia Keys titled, “Alicia Keys: Time to Uncover,” in which Keys declared that she would no longer be “covering up” to meet the expectations of beauty placed on her by others. As a photographer that often works in the beauty and fashion industries, Bulluck began to question his own expectations surrounding beauty and the role that makeup plays in his concept of it. Could the mainstream standard of beauty be redefined, and if so, could it be done without the use of makeup? In response to this, Bulluck decided to create a series featuring women, free of makeup, showcasing their natural beauty.

Every image featured in the series is an intimate portrait of human beauty in its raw form. The images highlight various skin textures and the colorful personalities behind them. Many of the subjects were not accustomed to being photographed without makeup, requiring trust in the photographer and allowing each subject to open up in their own way.
Kelvin Bulluck is a Baltimore-based portrait photographer, specializing in beauty and fashion photography. His work has been featured in local, national print and online publications including Baltimore Style Magazine, Strangers With Style, Dark Beauty Magazine, Encore HD Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, Essence, and the BmoreArt Journal. Photography has given him the ability to share the world through his own eyes and to tell stories that wouldn’t have otherwise been told.