Contemporary Culture Geek

I find myself drawn to creating works that record and contextualize histories of people of color in the United States and related territories. The art of documenting historical moments involving people of color through visual and literary mediums archives and contributes to the expansion of dialogue and scholarship concerning American history. I have used illustration, citizen journalism, documentary film, collage and experimental animation as primary mediums to create projects critiquing and contributing to the archive. My moving image works are chronicles of interdisciplinary collaborative ventures with community groups, citizen journalists, poets, photographers, artists, and urban indigenous subjects about issues the Collective-We deems paramount to document, for a specific collective goal. My illustrative works playfully examine identity, gender and power.  I am an artist-archivist; a purveyor and investigator of stories from the margins. Rendering works that articulate contemporary happenings of underrepresented peoples are primary interests of past and current projects.


-Angela N. Carroll